More Heartache For Terminally Ill Wicklow Woman


The partner of Wicklow woman Marie Fleming has revealed the HSE demanded documented proof that the terminally ill woman is dying, as part of a review of her medical card.

The 59 year old MS sufferer made headlines earlier this year for her failed Supreme Court bid to protect Tom Curran from prosecution, should he help her take her own life.

Marie Fleming’s partner Tom Curran has told reporters the HSE has asked for proof of how ill the former university lecturer is.

However its understood the health authority has told Marie she can keep her medical card, and that the request for documentation was only made as part of a routine procedure.

Mr Curran, has also said he is afraid of going to prison and would consider taking his own life if he helps end Marie’s life.

If he follows through on his vow to help his partner die, he could face up to 14 years in jail, because assisted suicide is illegal here.

The only legal option open to the couple is to take their fight to the European Court of Human Rights.

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