• Purchase your Radio Bingo book from any of the participating stores across County Wexford. (Click here for full list of stockists)
  • Tune into South East Radio to hear the Radio Bingo Numbers each day after the news at 10am, 12am, 5pm and 7pm Monday to Friday.
  • Each bingo book has five sheets – one for each day – which are colour coded.
  • Each day on South East Radio, we will announce the colour of the page relevant for that day’s Radio game.
  • Each coloured daily sheet has three panels (with 15 numbers on each panel). On the opposite white page to the daily sheet you will find 45 numbers – These numbers need to be marked off the 3 panels on the coloured sheet for that day.
  • Next, take the 10 Radio Bingo Numbers that were called out for that day and also mark them off the 3 panels on the coloured sheet for that day. We suggest you note the numbers as they are called on a bit of paper then you take your time marking them off on your bingo book. Now if you have completely filled a panel (i.e. marked off all 15 numbers) you are a daily winner!

Bear in mind might be more than one person who fills a panel each day so in that case the day’s prize-money is shared equally.

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