Jackpot Day is every Tuesday.

The Jackpot starts at €3,000 and grows by €500 each week until it reaches €18,500 when it is frozen until it is won.

There will be various other prizes and bonus games played at different times of the year.

On Jackpot day, the Jackpot number for that day is called out prior to the daily Radio Bingo numbers. If the Jackpot number is also the 10th number called out from the daily numbers and you complete a panel, you are the winner of the Jackpot. However if the Jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the following week.

In the following week, the jackpot prize is won if the jackpot number is the 9th or 10th number drawn and you complete a panel. If the jackpot is still not won, it rolls over again and the number of options for you to match the jackpot number progressively increases as the weeks go by until the jackpot prize is won. Please listen to South East Radio for precise details.

How to play Radio Bingo on South East Radio

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