Paediatric units in Wexford General Hospital remain closed following the fire last March

Since the fire broke out at Wexford General Hospital on march 1st of this year, several units have been reopened including the Emergency Department which had been the worst affected area from the fire.

The ED was reinstated on the 25th July to the relief of Wexford residents.

This week a Wexford parent was surprised to learn that the Paediatric Units remained closed, they told South East Radio News:

“Wexford hospitals children’s ward is still not open if your child needs to be admitted you either have to spend the night in A&E or be transferred to another hospital. We were all given the impression a month or so ago that the hospital was fully open but clearly not”.

They went on to say that there were no cots available and the child was given a regular hospital bed which was not suitable.

South East Radio contacted Ireland East Hospital Group and they have confirmed that an opening date will be announced at the end of this week:

“Gabriel’s and Catherine’s Pediatric Unit are the final wards to be fully reinstated after the fire in Wexford General Hospital on March 1st.

The Hospital aims to have a date for reopening of these wards by the end of this week.”

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