South East Radio Wins 2 National PPI Radio Awards 

The annual national PPI Radio Awards recognise and honour excellence in radio programming across a range of categories.  South East Radio won a gold and a bronze award for the second consecutive year at the PPI Gala Ball held in the Lyrath Hotel, Kilkenny on Friday 3rd October.


South East Radio’s Morning Mix “Dee- Day” Campaign, was awarded gold for the best Community and Social initiative in 2014.  Almost 10 months ago, Stephen Doherty (Dee) died suddenly from a heart attack. Stephen’s sister Imelda, in an interview with Alan following his untimely death, said she had no doubt if Stephen had taken better care of his health he would be with us today. Knowing this information, it needed to be shared- if one life could be saved, then Stephen’s death would not have been in vain. South East Radio embarked on a health awareness campaign in his memory, highlighting the need to take care of your health. “Dee-Day” was Friday 23rd May.


Wexford’s Wild Heritage, a 25 part natural history series broadcast by South East Radio, received a bronze national PPI Radio Award. The winning programme in the series involved Don Conroy, Chris Wilson and Alan McGuire going on a 2 day adventure on the Great Saltees Island – the Island of the Seabirds.  As many people had not been to the Great Saltees, this programme gave listeners a taste of the Island’s treasures in their homes.


South East Radio’s Morning Mix had another success on the night, with presenter Alan Corcoran announced as a finalist in the  heavily contested Speech Broadcaster of the Year category for a third consecutive year.


Speaking about winning the gold and bronze national PPI Radio Awards, Eamonn Buttle, Managing Director, South East Radio said “The national PPI  Radio Awards benchmark us against all national broadcasters and in this context, I am proud to say we continue to produce high quality programmes. In the year we celebrate our 25th birthday, I am particularly delighted that the programmes we air are as relevant today as they were when we started broadcasting on the 20th October 1989. My thanks to all of the team at South East Radio for their dedication in realising such high standards in broadcasting”