Pylon Project Described As Rape Of The Countryside


The EU Commission is being asked to fully investigate the health risks of high voltage power lines.

It comes amid a proposal by Eirgrid to erect new pylons as part of it’s Grid Link project which will see a new high voltage power line being built from Leinster to Munster through Great Island in County Wexford.

Labour MEP Phil Prendergast is opposed to the new power lines.

“These massive pylons being put up around rural Ireland – it’s like the rape of the countryside” she said.

“They are unsightly, there are health risks associated with it”.

“We do have a letter from Dr. James Reilly, citing concerns that he had in relation to the electromagnetic fields and the risks with childhood leukaemia”.

“But rural Ireland would be absolutely destroyed by the erection of these pylons” she added.

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