Report Warns Of ‘crisis’ In Nursing Home Bed Spaces


The government is being warned of a looming crisis in the nursing home sector with a new study predicting a shortfall of 8,000 beds within seven years.

The figure comes from research by chartered accountants BDO which says the government approach to residential care will cost the state 273 million euro per year.

It says the decision to divert funds from the nursing home sector to home care packages will also lead to longer waiting lists for residential care.

The report author, and BDO Managing Partner, Derry Gray says the situation is fast approaching crisis point.

“There is literally a crisis coming – we predict there will be 8,000 beds short in the sector within seven years” he said.

“That’s a huge problem for a person who needs long-term residential care”.

“It’s no good saying that there are alternative methods, and there is really a very slow provision of new beds – so it’s a difficulty” he added.

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