Reuben Hester

Irish Music Month

Reuben Hester

25-year-old Reuben Hester, who plays guitar, piano and cello and grew up in Enniscorthy.  He left school at 16 with a single-minded goal – to make music.  Reuben travelled across Europe and played the streets of every major capital city.

In Manchester, he formed the band China Lane. As a singer and songwriter for the band, he stormed Spotify’s viral charts garnering over 1.5 million streams and saw his music placed on the Netflix series ‘Insatiable’.

Last October, Reuben got international attention when he appeared on BBC One Television’s LITTLE MIX ‘The Search’. He performed a song he had written in memory of his father Kevin, who passed away at the age of 55, following a drug overdose.

Little Mix were blown away by Reuben’s songwriting. On the advice of Little Mix, Reuben has launched his solo career with the very same song – ‘SOLD MY SOUL’.  Reuben said “I wrote this song shortly after my father’s passing. I was struggling with the pain and slowly found myself slipping into a dark place. Most days I felt like I couldn’t write and eventually I stopped feeling anything at all. It was a difficult time. Music brought me back to life. Everything I felt was put into this song. It is the most heartfelt and honest piece I have ever written. Words can’t explain the emotions I feel every time I perform this song.”