May Bank Holiday – Typically one of the busiest periods on the road. Between 2010 and 2015, 17 people died and 48 were seriously injured over the May Bank Holiday period.

1 in 5 – It is estimated that driver fatigue is a contributory factor in as many as 1 in 5 driver deaths in Ireland every year.

1 in 10 – A survey of drivers’ attitudes to driver fatigue conducted by the RSA in 2014 revealed that over 1 in 10 motorists have fallen asleep at the wheel.

3 – Tiredness-related collisions are 3 times more likely to be fatal or result in a serious injury because of the high impact speed and lack of avoiding action.

Stop. Sip. SleepPark in a safe placeand take a caffeine drink than take a nap for 15 minutes (set your mobile phone alarm). Then get some fresh air and stretch your legs for a few minutes. By following all of the above advice you should be able to drive for another hour or so.

Sip then Sleep – To really make the most of the break, take a caffeine drink before the nap (150mg of caffeine e.g. 2 cups of coffee). It takes approximately 15 minutes for the caffeine to enter your system so after the nap, the caffeine should have started to take effect.