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Join us on Sundays at 8pm for a brand new show on South East Radio. The Selfie Show takes a look at the meaning of “self” – all the big emotions that come with being human as we hear from 12 amazing young people and expert voices on a variety of emotions from disappointment and fear to courage and joy.

A Lust for Life is a multi-award winning Irish mental health charity based in Ireland that uses content, campaigns and events to facilitate young people to be effective guardians of their own mind – and to be the leaders that drive our society towards a better future.  Check out www.alustforlife.com


Episode 1: Adventurous

This episode explores being and feeling adventurous and Niamh Shaw joins us as the expert voice on the importance of dreaming big!  Niamh is an Irish engineer, scientist, writer and performer. She believes in Dreaming Big and is on a mission to get to Space!

We also hear from Sean Tracey in relation to his filmmaking career. He won young filmmaker of the year in Ireland in 2017.


Episode 2: Courage

This episode explores the emotion of courage.  Blessing Dada talks about her struggles with her mental health her whole life, challenges with her health having fibromyalgia which leads to chronic pain and what it means to have mental health challenges in the black community.  While Ejiro Ogbevoen is a Counselling Psychotherapist with over ten years’ experience working with adults and adolescents to facilitate wellbeing. Ejiro founded BlackTherapistsIreland with the intent of actively promoting mental health and wellbeing amongst people of colour.


Episode 3: Bravery

In this episode we explore the emotion of bravery.  Conor Power talks about how he rescued a sea swimmer during stormy conditions.

The programme will also hear from Barry Dempsey, who works with marginalised young people – he will discuss the importance of coming out of your comfort zone.


Episode 4: Determination

In this episode on the Selfie Show we explore the emotion of determination.  Blessing Kingsley will chat about her soccer career and her studies at the University of Southern Mississippi.  While Tony Humphrey’s – psychologist, author and international speaker – will chat about the psychology of determination, mindset and the science behind gratitude.


Episode 5: Disappointment

This Sunday night on the Selfie Show we explore the emotion of disappointment. Student Jonah Colgan will discuss his relationship with sport and how he went from feeling defeated to empowered.  While, Psychologist, Louise Kervick who is an expert in adolescent therapy talks about how we manage disappointment and bouncing back after something doesn’t go to plan.


Episode 6: Empowerment

This Sunday night on the Selfie Show we explore the emotion of empowerment. Sarah Jane Corbett tragically lost her Mom when she was 12 weeks old and her Dad died suddenly when she was 8.  Sarah is the author of best-selling children’s book “Noodle Loses Dad”, which helped her to process her loss. While Niall Breslin also known as Bressie is one of Ireland’s most formidable and inspiring health advocates, musician, podcaster & co-founder of A Lust for Life will discuss the courage it takes to turn something so difficult into something to help others.


Episode 7: Calmness

This episode explores the emotion and theme of Calmness and Louise Kervick joins us as the expert voice to talk to us about flexible thinking, grounding yourself and how to step back and stay present when the going gets tough.

Caillum is an 18 year old with a strong passion for sustainable development, climate justice and education equality; working at local, national and international level to have the voices of young people heard.

Louise is an expert in adolescent therapy working with young people experiencing transformations on many levels throughout this period of their life. Available to podcast on Sunday 18th at 9pm.


Episode 8: Optimism

This episode explores the emotion and theme of Optimism and Allison Keating joins us as the expert voice to talk to us about the importance of curiosity, openness and grounding in taking risks and trying new things.

Róisín was chosen to be interviewed as she is a really optimistic and charismatic young person who believes that everyday is a fresh start.

Allison is a very well-known and respected psychologist, columnist and media contributor.



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