Irish Music Month


They are made up of :
• Cian O Grady – Guitar and Banjo
• Diarmuid Murphy – Flute
• Kayleigh Moran – Fiddle
• Voice o Caoimhe Moran – Harp, Piano and Concertina

Tulua have been playing traditional music since they were 6 years old. They started out with the classic tin whistle and learning old traditional tunes and songs.
They began playing together indirectly for various competition entries such as the Fleadh, Scór, Siansa and then eventually in pub sessions. The group also went on their own paths in developing as musicians by playing in other smaller bands, wedding gigs and other informal events.
Sisters Kayleigh and Caoimhe had been playing with each other for weddings and creating their own sets together. They then began to include Diarmuid into their music and competing in different competitions then Cian was asked then to join them for larger gigs.


They quickly realised that together they were creating music that was different to what they usually played and playing with each other felt natural and Tulua was born.
Tulua agreed to keep the arrangement going and organised a few gigs and festivals, and slowly they began establishing as a band. They had a bit of momentum heading into the summer of 2020 but then Covid hit, and all their projects and plans came to a halt such as playing in other countries, mainly Holland and America.

In the summer of 2020, they recorded their first EP and released it and have been trying to follow up with different gigs and events with the slow reintroduction of live music.