Wexford Councillors meet to discuss local Irish community needs at European Parliament

Ireland South MEP Deirdre Clune has been discussing the needs of local Irish communities with county and city councillors in Brussels.

Wexford councillors Cathal Byrne and Anthony Donohoe were part of a delegation that visited the European Parliament recently as guests of MEP Clune.

Regional Development, Brexit, Renewable Energy, Digital Finance and the War in Ukraine were also among the key topics raised during productive talks.

MEP Clune says, “I am delighted to have facilitated this opportunity to address the issues affecting local communities across Ireland and examine how the EU can help.

It is vital to bring citizens’ concerns and ideas to the attention of different decision-makers at the EU level.

County and city councillors are often the first point of contact when it comes to people’s questions about European policies.

They have the knowledge, experience and contacts that make them ideal brokers for EU-related topics in their own areas.

The big decisions made in Brussels often rely on the work of local representatives to be implemented at regional level.

I thank those who attended and EU Commissioner Mairead McGuinness for their participation in positive discussions.”

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