Wexford men encouraged to report domestic abuse during Christmas time

Wexford men are being encouraged to open up to friends and family if they are victims of domestic abuse.

The Men’s Development Network will have a Male Advice Line available to users over the Christmas period.

The macho culture of Irish society means often men don’t come forward with their stories to protect their masculinity and many claim they aren’t believed when they do open up.

John Kilgarrif of the Men’s Development Network says their users often suffer in silence at this time of year.

“A lot of the calls we get are about psychological violence or coercive control.

“We’d often have men who don’t realise the impact of full that or what they’re experiencing.

“It can be a man that’s being frightened, intimidated or isolated from family and friends and the build up of that can lead to a big impact on their mental and physical health.”

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