Wexford principal won’t turn away children who won’t wear masks in school

The Principle of CBS Primary school in Wexford says she won’t be sending children home from school without a mask unless she is mandated to do so.

Vicky Barron has been responding to Education Minister Norma Foley who says primary students may be sent home from school if they won’t wear a mask in class.

Children in third class and above have to wear a mask to school from today.

Children with a medically-certified exemption are the only pupils who won’t have to wear a face covering.

Speaking on Morning Mix CBS Principal Vicky Barron says every effort will be made to alleviate pressure on children and parents.

She said the situation schools find themselves today is the Governments fault.

“I will not be turning away a child until I am mandated to do so.

“That will be after extensive consultation with the parents and we will try and do our best to reach a conclusion and a satisfactory outcome for all of us.

“This is not the children’s fault. We on the ground have been saying that this is a problem for our schools.”

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