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Who are Wexford Viking Glass?

Wexford Viking Glass are a local company whose headquarters are situated on the edge of Wexford Town. Their capital equipment includes some of the most technologically advanced machinery available today. Wexford Viking Glass has enjoyed continuous growth, primarily due to the quality of its product and the high levels of service it provides to every customer. A policy of ongoing research & development, combined with significant inward investment, ensures that Wexford Viking Glass remains at the cutting edge of glass industry technology.


Why choose Wexford Viking Glass?

Viking Energy Plus Glass is a new generation of energy saving window glass that uses an advanced coating to retain more internal heat and to absorb free energy from natural daylight. By installing Viking Energy Plus Glass in your existing windows you can reduce this heat loss by a staggering 75% which will have a big impact on the amount of energy you use….. and on your heating bills.  New technology has seen significant improvements in the energy performance of glass and low-e glass such as Viking Energy Plus Glass will let more free heat from the sun come in and at the same time reflect heat back into the room.  Wexford Viking Glass can offer home-owners the opportunity to upgrade their existing glass to the best heat retaining glass available on the market today all without replacing their window frames.  Their effective and efficient glazing system can be completed in one day by their highly experienced installers with no fuss and no costly redecoration expense. Wexford Viking Glass have supplied over 3 million units of Viking Energy Pluss Glass into the Irish market and conform to the latest EU standards.


Efficient Energy Use

Wexford Viking Glass are an example of a local company which have had great success for over 30 years. By changing their products to meet a changing industry they are an example of how efficient energy use is becoming increasingly important in the glass industry and in people’s lives.


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