World Leaders Condemn Malaysian Airlines Plane Crash


The British Prime Minister, David Cameron, says it seems possible that MH-17 was shot down, describing it as ‘an absolutely appalling, shocking, horrific incident’.

David Cameron says more information is needed to find out what happened, as nine Britons are among the 298 people who died when the plane crash.

Pro-Russian separatists and the Ukrainian military are both denying responsibility.

The Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, says 28 Australians died in the crash.

He says his officials sought a catagoric assurance from the Russian Ambassador in Sydney that Russia would fully co-operate with this investigation, and his response was not satisfactory.

“I have to tell you that the initial response of the Russian ambassador was to blame Ukraine for this – and I have to say that is deeply, deeply unsatisfactory” he said.

“We all know that there are problems in Ukraine – we also know who is very substantially to blame for those problems” he added.

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