Hope and Dream 10

The Hope and Dream 10 project was the brainchild of Tom Herlihy and John O’Leary back in September 2011. Both men are members of Slaney Olympic Athletic Club and have experience in organising events like this. Their vision for this race was to make it all inclusive, regardless of ability.

The 10 mile race is designed to appeal to everyone from the walker/jogger to the serious runner. The 10k event will appeal to walkers and joggers alike.


The Little Dreamers Dash is a kids event, established to fulfill the ethos of it being all inclusive event. It takes place on the Promenade for all children, while the main race is underway.The event in 2013  was managed and stewarded by local students. A race by kids – for kids.


The organisers  felt that if they could persuade 1,000 people to raise €100 each that €100,000 might be achievable. There was a commitment that all money raised would be handed to the charities.


The organising committee surrounded themselves with a huge team of volunteers. Up to 150 volunteers on the day of the event made it all possible.


In 2013 alone, €114,470 was raised for the benefit of Hope Cancer Support Centre and Share a Dream Foundation.

This brings the event total to an amazing €242,732!!!.



Hope and Dream 10, 2014 will be run to raise funds for Hope Cancer Support Centre and the Wexford Branch of Console, the National Suicide Charity.




Tune in to South East Radio for weekly training updates and tips, for information about the route  and the event on the day.

For more information see www.hopeanddream10.com

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