Please print and fill out the Recording Request Form below and return it to South East Radio, Custom House Quay, Wexford, marked:  Archive Recording.

A minimum charge of €60 including VAT will apply for the provision of a one hour recording.  It is necessary to impose this charge given the amount of studio time required to produce such recordings.  All charges are calculated on the basis of the time required to source and duplicate material.

Please forward a cheque, bank draft or postal order for €60 per hour of recording required, made payable to South East Radio and a recording of the item will be forwarded to you within 14 days.  Please note, payment can also be made by credit card once the complete application form overleaf has been received.

South East Radio reserves the right to refuse the application at its discretion at which time the payment will be returned to you.


Your Name:              _______________________________________________

Your Address:          _______________________________________________



Telephone Number:  _______________      Mobile Number: _______________

Email Address:          _______________


Name of Programme:                                ________________________________

Date of Programme:                                  ________________________________

Broadcast Time of Item Requested:      ________________________________

Subject Matter:                                          ________________________________

Specific purpose for which the recording is sought:-




Failure to fully complete the above form may result in a refusal by South East Radio to provide the recording on the basis of insufficient search information.  Recording will be provided in CD format.  A duplicate copy will cost an extra €20 per copy.

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