New Study Shows Increase In Boys Treated For Anorexia


A new study at a Dublin hospital shows a dramatic increase in the number of boys being treated for anorexia.

The report on Temple Street Children’s Hospital shows that a quarter of the children being treated for the condition are male.

This study published by the Irish Medical Journal shows that the number of children being treated for the eating disorder at Temple Street has increased by 130 percent in 9 years.

And its not only girls with the illness, one in 4 is a boy, with the average age of males suffering dropping to just 13 and a half.

Its also thought that some children treated for anorexia may have developed the illness after suffering mouth pain due to wearing braces.

Doctors at Temple Street found that 1 in 3 children hospitalised for the illness has had orthodontic treatment.

The authors of the study have recommended that dedicated beds to deal with anorexia be included in the new national children’s hospital.

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