Before any commercial makes it to air there’s a major creative process that goes into making every radio ad.

Radio is the “Theatre of the Mind” and radio ads need to paint a picture. Unlike TV and Newspapers that you can see pictures in front of you, radio has to work harder to help the listener paint those pictures in their head. That’s where the Production team comes in.

We take the words on a piece of paper and using the most modern music production companies and sound effects along with some of Wexford’s and Ireland’s best voice over artists we help to create that picture.

The creative process starts with the client and our Sales Executive who devise what message the client wants to communicate to the listener. The findings from that meeting are then sent to the Production dept., this is where the magic happens. Using top quality mics, different vocal styles & tones and the best production music composers and producers we make those ads come to life.

The production department doesn’t just stop with radio commercials, we also produce on-hold telephone messaging systems, narrations for presentations, corporate voice overs and so much more.


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