50 guests to be allowed at Weddings – but not afters

Plans to ease restrictions around weddings next month have been dismissed as tokenism by a wedding planner.

The government is considering allowing 50 people to attend a church service, but impose additional restrictions on the numbers who can attend a reception.

It will be 6 for an indoor group or 15 for outdoors and that figure will increase in June.

Michelle McDermott is a wedding planner and says a lot of couples will be disappointed at the proposals.

“We know from 2019 figures, only 43% of couple shave a church wedding.

“So straight away May has already eliminated 57% of couples that were getting married that month.”

That figure will increase in June.

However, those who are planning their full wedding in a hotel believe they will lose out on the larger attendances.

Irish bride-to-be Caroline is due to get married in 6 weeks and feels the Church shouldn’t be the sole focus of the government’s plans.

“Almost half of weddings take place outside that setting, so why is my wedding because it’s not in a church is not as important as one that is going to happen in a church?”

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Photo credit: Pexels Images

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