Apprenticeships Expanded To Financial Services And The Travel Industry


Apprenticeships will now be available to people looking to start careers in financial services, the travel industry and cheffing.

The move almost doubles the number available at the moment and will be in areas like engineering, tourism and management with qualifications for the training range from a level 5 to level 9.

Minister for Skills Damien English says they will start with 25 apprenticeships this year and will respond to demand in other sectors in due course.

“Well the plan would be to roll these 25 out over the next 12 months” he said.

“In some areas, an example would be the HEV driver, we have research which would prove this through our department and would correspond with the industry recommendation that there’s a need for 1,000 apprenticeships a year in HEV drivers over the next couple of years”.

“So we’ll begin will probably 200 in that area this autumn, and then up-scale that as needed”.

“But I think there’s a serious demand there in certain sectors – there’s a major shortage in the IT area as well” he added.

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