Be summer ready – Message from the HSE to people in Wexford

Be #SummerReady and #SunSmart – a message from the HSE in the South East

The HSE/South East Community Healthcare is reminding people in county Wexford to be “Summer Ready”.

In light of the government’s currently advertised ‘Be Summer Ready’ safety information campaign, the HSE has reiterated tips on how summer months in the South East can be enjoyed safely.

Supporting the ‘Be Summer Ready’ campaign, Chief Officer of HSE/South East Community Healthcare Grace Rothwell says:

“Obviously, we’d like people to avoid illness or injury in the first place. When needing treatment, in what can be a stressful time, it’s important to know where to go quickly. Bank Holiday Weekends and extended good weather usually bring additional pressure on the hospital system and the National Ambulance Service..

In Wexford, with interim arrangements in place since the fire incident of earlier this year, if people understand in advance what can be treated at Wexford General Hospital, it will hopefully help alleviate some of the pressures elsewhere in the region The Minor Injury Unit (for injuries that are not life-threatening) and the Paediatric Assessment Unit (for children under 16) in Wexford General Hospital treats Injuries to limbs, Broken bones, Minor head injuries, Sprains, Bruises and WoundsThere is also an Acute Medical Assessment Unit (AMAU) open in Wexford General Hospital. The Maternity Unit in Wexford is operating as normal. See

“As part of considering options ahead of going to a hospital Emergency Dept., recourse to one’s GP (see, pharmacy or the out of hours/weekend GP co-operative service in Caredoc ( can also be borne in mind. See also details of Cashel Minor Injuries Unit at 

Information on how to manage common illness and advice on when to get emergency help is available at and also in relation to children at 

HSE/South East Community Healthcare’s Head of Service/Health and Wellbeing Derval Howley says:

“We are looking forward to the ‘Sunny South East’ living up to its name over the next weeks and months! There are, however, some risks to remain aware of.”

“Skin cancer remains the most common type of cancer in Ireland. Most skin cancers are preventable by protecting skin from UV (ultraviolet) radiation. Plan your day to limit time in the sun when UV is strongest, typically between the hours of 11am and 3pm from April to September, even when it is cloudy. It’s also important, during warm weather, to keep your living space cool. This is especially important for infants, the elderly or those with chronic health conditions or those who can’t look after themselves. I’d encourage everyone to visit the Be Summer Ready campaign website ( for practical, simple guidance and other resources, such as video clips, on keeping themselves and their loved ones safe over the coming months.

The HSE is also reminding people to ensure that they obtain their free European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before going abroad. The EHIC allows you get healthcare in another EU or European Economic Area (EEA) state for free or at a reduced cost. It covers you if you are on holiday, or on a short-term stay which is less than three months. You need a card for each member of your family. It’s free and there’s no charge to apply. Once you apply the card takes about ten working days to arrive. You’ll find full details of how to apply at

Urging people to remain #SunSmart, Dr. Eimear Burke (Specialist in Public Health Medicine, HSE’s Public Health Dept./Area C serving the South East) added:

“We are starting to experience warmer weather and we may see forecasts over the next while as regards hot and sunny conditions due. The general advice from the HSE for such circumstances is for people to stay hydrated, keep cool and to check on those who may be particularly vulnerable – including babies and the elderly. In addition, one of the messages of the HSE’s annual #SunSmart information campaign is that Sunscreen is an important sun protection measure but should not be used as the only line of defence. It should be used alongside other protective measures such as clothing and shade. Up to date weather forecasts and warnings are available on

“So, whether you are spending time outside in the garden, enjoying a barbecue or are attending outdoor events, follow the five #SunSmart simple steps to learn how to protect yourself and your family this summer. See and check out #SunSmart on social media.”

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