Better off stealing fertiliser than money – Healy Rae on costs crisis

Furious rows have erupted in the Dáil over how to address the cost of living crisis which is likely to get worse.

Ministers have admitted the looming threat of war in Ukraine is likely to push fuel prices even higher.

One commentator has suggested prices could top €2 a litre at forecourts in a matter of weeks.#

The Rural Independent Group, which’s bringing a motion for the introduction of a mini budget to address the rising cost of living., says the issue’s now a national emergency that requires comprehensive action.

Independent TD Michael Healy Rae believes the Government will be wiped out for failing to address the issue.

“If a robber had a choice this minute between robbing a bank for a ball of money or a pallet of fertiliser, he’d be better off taking the fertiliser because it’s worth more.”

Local Councillor Fianna Fail Councillor Michael Sheehan has defended the government’s actions so far but isn’t ruling out an emergency budget.

“The Government have done a lot already and clearly recognise there’s a cost of living crisis.

“We need to get those (measures) in and get them sorted and then look at what we can do in the summer or autumn.

“Come the autumn time, the government can look at what additional things they can alleviate for people who have to commute to work and feel like their entire standard of living has been eroded.”

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