Citizens Assembly Recommends 8th Amendment Referendum

CITIZENS ASSEMBLY RECOMMENDS 8TH AMENDMENT REFERENDUM The Citizens Assembly have voted by an overwhelming majority to recommend a referendum on the Eight Amendment. Over 87% of members voted to say that Article 40.3.3, or the Eight Amendment of the Constitution as it’s more commonly known, should NOT be retained in full. Next, members will vote on what’s a key issue in the abortion debate – whether or not the Eight Amendment should be repealed or replaced. As explained earlier this afternoon by the Secretary of the Assembly. There was a disruption to today’s events, when shortly after the results of ballot 1 were read out, there was a power cut in Malahide Village, which left the room in darkness and unable to proceed with events. Power has since been restored, with voting in the second ballot expected to take place soon. The results of those are expected by 2:45 this evening, but that could now be later due to that electrical problem.

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