Matt McManamon

Irish Music Month

Matt McManamon

Matt McManamon was born in Liverpool to Irish parents and relocated to Tombrack in Enniscorthy over 14 years ago. Perhaps best known as the febrile frontman one-time Deltasonic darlings: The Dead 60s, and later a touring member of The Specials; over 15 years since tracks like “Riot Radio” raided the charts and indie dancefloors across the nation, McManamon returns to music a reformed character with an altogether different outlook on life.

His new album entitled ‘Scally Folk’, McManamon makes no pretence about the kind of record his debut solo outing will be.

Though its songs document a lifetime of experiences, ‘Scally Folk’ itself was recorded in just 14 days at the Transmission Rooms Recording Studio, Drumlish, Co Longford, Ireland.

A record about the passing of time and finding your place within it, ‘Scally Folk’ unpicks the stitches of life’s rich tapestry and uses its threads to begin anew.
Tombrack Enniscorthy.