Fans will not be able to watch Wexford football or hurling without subscription

The Labour Party says Sky Sports should make GAA Championship matches free to air, due to limits on attendance.

Sports fans will not be able to watch the football or the hurling this year without a subscription.

However those who can’t afford the bill are also unable to gather in a friends house or a pub like in previous years.

Senator Mark Wall says the cost to sign up makes watching the matches impossible for some people.

“There is a lot of people that so looking forward to watching their county in action again, to being part of the action.

“We are only allowing up to 200 people at these matches.

“We want to let people see their heroes in action, we want to get back the GAA game, we all love it.

“And the only way we can do that is to allow Sky, or ask Sky, because the cost of it at the moment is prohibited to a lot of people.”

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