Valentine’s Day Gifts – For Michael Collins


Florists and delivery services are busy bringing Valentine’s gifts and good wishes today and it seems many of them are going to an unusual recipient.

Michael Collins still has the power to set hearts a-flutter all over the world, even though he died over 90 years ago.

His grave at Glasnevin Cemetery in Dublin is being inundated with flowers, messages and cards – including a balloon that spells out ‘I love you’.

Shane Mac Thomais is a historian at Glasnevin Cemetery and Museum. He has outlined some of the messages for Collins, and what he thinks is his enduring appeal.

“‘Happy Valentines Day, Mick, I still love you Mick xxx’ – then a couple of them that would be too x-rated to talks on the telephone at this time” he said.

“I remember reading a book once and it said if you want to be remembered you need to be four things – you need to be young, good-looking, intelligent and dead”.

“Collins fits into all those things” he added.

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