34 Candidates Elected To New Wexford County Council


As the newly elected members of Wexford County Council and districts prepare to take their places in the Council Chambers, the full line up of representatives is as follows.

In the Wexford district Ger Carty Independant, Davy Hynes Independent, Fergie Kehoe Fianna Fail,Tony Dempsey Fianna Fail, Anthony Kelly Sinn Fein, Deirdre Wadding People Before Profit, George Lawlor Labour, Jim Moore Fine Gael, Frank Staples Fine Gael, and Mick Roche Sinn Féin,

Now to the Gorey area and elected there was Malcolm Byrne Fianna Fail, Fiontainn O Sullivan Sinn Fein, Mary Farrell Independatt, Joe Sullivan Fianna Fail, Robbie Ierton Labour, Pip Breen Fianna Fail, Anthony Donoghue Fine Gael, John Hegarty Fine Gael.

In Newross the new line up of Councillors is as follows Martin Murphy Independent, Larry O Brien Fine Gael, Willie Fitzharris Fine Gael, Michael sheehan Fianna Fail , Michael Wheelan and John Flemming, Independent Anthony Connick and Oisinn O’Connell Sinn fein.

Now finally in Enniscorthy James Brown Fianna Fail, Kathleen Codd Nolan Fine Gael, John O Rourke Independant, Keith Doyle Fianna Fail, Paddy Kavanagh Fine Gael, Johnny Mythen Sinn fein, Oliver Walsh Fine Gael, Barbera Ann Murphy Fianna Fail.

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