Local radio is seen as an increasingly trustworthy provider of news by the Irish people according to a new study.

The Reuters Digital News Report found two thirds of Irish people believe journalism is either very or extremely important for society.

The Irish data for this report shows TV is the main source of news for a third of people, with radio polling at 13 percent – higher than the UK, North America and the EU.

However when it comes to sourcing local news, radio jumps up to 37 percent, behind newspapers at 46 percent.

Social media is the main source for 18 to 24 year olds, growing from 43 percent last year to 46 in 2020, but 7 in 10 of them expressed an interest in local news.

Podcast listening is also popular among Generation Z, with 72 percent saying they had listened to one in the last week, with 2 in 5 people overall enjoying them.

Over a quarter claimed they didn’t trust the media, but is still significantly lower than in the UK at 38 percent, and 44 percent in North America.

62 percent said they were worried about what was real and what was fake on the internet, with a preference shown for objective, balanced news.

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