Residents in a rural area of County Wexford are up in arms over an obnoxious odour in their area
They claim it is being caused by sewage sludge being spread on land.

Residents in the Adamstown area are demanding action to be taken about the odour produced by a local sewage sludge facility which they say is sometimes so strong they can’t leave their homes.

Biosolids, also known as sewage sludge, are the byproducts of household wastewater after it has passed through a treatment plant.

This substance, once treated with lime, is considered a nutrient rich fertiliser and is spread on farmland across the country.

At the site a few miles from Adamstown, a waste services company has been granted a certificate for the treatment and storage of sludge from urban wastewater in 2015.

Locals say the stench emanating from the facility has been bothering them for some time and they are frustrated with how slow progress has been in addressing the issue.

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