Bishop of Ferns says declining levels of priests could see change in the Church

The Bishop of Ferns has been speaking about the dwindling number of priests in the Ferns Diocese.

There are 49 parishes in the Diocese and 2 of which are without a priest.

The situation is set to worsen over the next decade.

Bishop Gerard Nash says there will be more reliance on laypeople in the parish to lead prayer services and keep the bond of Community within the Catholic faith.

“We expect a declining number of aging priests to provide a level of service in the manner of which it was provided that was last seen in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990′, then that will be unfair to priests, it would be impossible and it would be unjust.

“What matters is that we have a community.

“It also means that if a priest is absent or a priest needs a holiday, that laypeople can step up and lead prayers and lead services.”

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