Budget brought forward by two weeks

The budget will be held two weeks early on September 27th after agreement from Ministers

An overall package of 6.7 billion euro is to be confirmed in the Summer Economic Statement

Though the opposition wants intervention much sooner the budget will be two weeks early on September 27th.

Of a planned 6.7 billion euro package it’s expected a billion will be spent on tax band measures, including changes to income tax.

New spending will be somewhere between two and three billion euro – with the Government breaking its own rule of not increasing Government spending by more than 5 per cent, with the final figure landing somewhere between a 5 and 7 per cent increase

Politically the Government parties intend to spend that money on social welfare increases, tax indexation, and cuts to public transport fares.

A double social welfare bonus, a second electricity credit and a focus on the State pension are also being discussed.

But the budget is still two and a half months away, and the opposition is set to demand further intervention before then.



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