Cabinet To Discuss Garda Pay Deal

The Cabinet will meet this morning to discuss accepting a Garda pay deal.

They’re unlikely to reject the Labour Court ruling, but there could be disagreement over where the extra money will come from.

Around fifty million euro would be needed to fund the Garda pay deal and no Minister wants that coming out of their budget.

So it’s likely Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald will be told the extra cash needs to come from her existing budget.

Though it’s not clear yet if the Garda Representative Association will even accept the deal – their ballot result isn’t due back until the end of November.

It’s important for Ministers that the money comes from existing resources so they don’t breach the Lansdowne Road Agreement.

If they do most public sector unions would likely come forward with their own pay claims – and one Minister has suggested that breaching Lansdowne Road could lead to the collapse of the Government.

With teachers already on the picket lines and others likely to follow, the pressure could lead to some tense exchanges at this morning’s cabinet meeting.

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