Congratulations to Chloe Paige Sinnott – Outstanding Achievement Award winner for April 2018

New recruits are so important for the Order of Malta.  People normally first enroll in their Summer Camp and then join the Cadet Unit from the age of 10 to 16.  They learn first aid training and go out in the ambulance when there are minor injuries or to give the seniors a hand and put what they have practiced into action.

Chloe Paige Sinnott is one of these people.  She did two summer camps and then became an Order of Malta Cadet.

One night, when she was at home in bed, she heard a loud bang and went outside to investigate.  There were two people on a motor bike who were unable to control their bike at the roundabout by Saint Aidans Crescent and crashed into a parked car.  Her mam phoned for an ambulance and the guards.  Chloe saw the man had been thrown from the bike and was under a car and she immediately started to help him.  She asked her neighbours to get her first aid equipment and started checking for pulse, breathing and circulation.  He had broken his nose and had various cuts.  She applied pressure to the bleeding spots.  Chloe was the epitome of calmness while all around her was mayhem.  When the pressure was on, the teaching given to Chloe from the Order of Malta kicked in.  She focused on the patient and was such an inspiration.

There were a lot of tears of joy and pride when an overwhelmed Chloe Paige Sinnott, a 6th class student in the Mercy School, Wexford became the South East Radio / Talbot Hotel Outstanding Achievement Award winner for April.  Robert Miller, the General Manager of the Talbot Hotel Group said she is a hero of our community and we are all very proud of her. What an accolade for the Order of Malta.

Chloe said she would love to become a paramedic or a doctor in the future and urged people to get involved and learn these skills at an early age, which could save lives in the future.

Since the incident, Chloe has been promoted to corporal and at the age of 12 years old, is the youngest cadet corporal in the history of the Wexford Branch Unit.  Only two cadets hold this rank at any given time.  Chloe had been selected for this position because she had shown that she can work well under pressure and take charge in any situation.

She also holds a cadet achievement program (CAP) badge which is from different programs and activities which are separate to first aid in order to develop life skills.

For Chloe’s birthday she donated to Cadet Unit Order of Malta Wexford €150.


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