Council urged to leave disability grant aid to help families in Wexford

A Wexford County Councillor is calling on the Government to return over six hundred thousand euro in unused disability grant aid to the local authority.

New figures show Wexford County Council was allocated almost €850,000 in disability adaption grants this year. However, only €380,000 – under half of the overall total was used.

Last year a similar situation occurred with a total allocation of €480,000 but only €230,000 was used.

Under Government policy any unused grant funding must be returned to central Government at the end of each year.

Aontu County Councillor Jim Codd says Wexford County Council was unable to work in people’s homes due to Covid 19. He says the Government should return the money to the local authority.

“We can ill afford to send €640,000 to the central Government.

“We’re talking about disabled people here who are badly in need of works done to their houses including showers or bathroom facilities.

“I’m calling on the Government to leave this money with us. I can understand the Council’s argument that they couldn’t enter houses because of Covid but do not take this money back.”

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