CPO process for bringing back vacant homes is a disaster – Cllr McDonald

A Wexford County Councillor says the CPO process for bringing vacant properties back into use is a disaster.

Many units around the county are lying empty during a housing crisis while other properties are just being left to rot in our major towns.

Speaking to South East Radio, Fianna Fail Councillor Lisa McDonald says the public are willing to bring these areas back to their community but the process is flawed.

“The CPO process is a disaster because it takes approximately ten years before you can move on it.

“I have people who are looking purchase houses who require CPOs and they are willing to put the money in themselves to do up the houses.

“That would not be a cost to the council but this is something I’ve been dealing with for the last 5-6 years.

“There’s no real progress, I keep asking for progress reports and I’m not getting them.”

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