Curracloe and Kilmore Quay come out on top in Ireland litter survey

Curracloe is among the cleanest beaches in Ireland, while Kimore Quay retains it’s position as one of our cleanest harbours.

A nationwide litter survey shows an increase in coastal areas that are littered but our coasts in the South East are dubbed ‘Clean to European norms.”

The Irish Business Against Litter group reported that the majority of beaches and harbours studied didn’t meet standards of European norms.

But Conor Horgan from Irish Business Against Litter describes how Curracloe and Kilmore faired in the report.

“It is very good news for Wexford in our latest coastal litter survey.

“Just like the last time we conducted the survey 2 years ago, both Kilmore Quay and Curracloe have emerged as clean to European norms.

“Our An Taisce inspectors had very positive reports for both areas.

“In Curracloe, they praised the beach area, the praised bins that were located there, the signage, the dog fouling facility and the recycle facility.

“Overall impression it was a very well maintained beach, car park

“A blemish free report for Curracloe.

“Harbours face particular challenges when it comes to staying clean but Kilmore Quay once again has met this challenge

“It presented a very freshly presented environment, all aspects in good order, there was very little food or marine related litter throughout.

“There was a lack of bins and that can be something that could be looked at.

“But generally there was very little litter to be found in Kilmore Quay for a second time in a row.”

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