Department of Foreign Affairs advising Irish citizens leave Ukraine as soon as possible

The Department of Foreign Affairs is advising Irish citizens to leave Ukraine as soon as possible.

Over the weekend it changed the country’s security status to “Do not travel”.

Brendan Murphy is businessman based in Kiev and he says normal life is continuing despite international tension.

“It’s calm.

“People are very aware, people are gone to work, children are gone to school, the shops are open and they are full.

“People are buying as usual, there is no hyper inflation.

“The fuel stations have fuel, so everything is normal and normalised.”

Meanwhile, the British Prime Boris Johnson will hold more talks with world leaders this week to try and prevent a conflict in Ukraine, as Number 10 warns the crisis has reached a ‘critical juncture’.

Downing Street says intelligence ‘suggests Russia could be planning an invasion’ at any moment – despite the Kremlin saying it has no plans to.

Sky’s Diana Magnay, who’s in Moscow, has been analyzing Vladimir Putin’s previous tactics.

“He could go in as US intelligence suggests he might with all guns blazing.

“But at the same time, previous Russian engagements in for example Syria or indeed in Unkraine and Crimea, or in 2014 and 2015 in Donbas, were as limited as possible so it would very much be a different direction for Vladamir Putin if he was to do that.”

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