Eating disorder supports ‘non-existent’ in Irish public healthcare

Supports for those with eating disorders are virtually non-existent in the public health system here.

That’s according to one man who has recovered and is looking to raise awareness of the issue by cycling across the US.

Cormac Ryan is aiming to raise money for the charity Bodywhys.

He says he would still be suffering if he hadn’t availed of private medical care here.

“A GP correctly said there is no point in waiting on the public system here because it’s virtually non existent

“Luckily, I was able to go down the private route and the GP sent a referral to a private clinic and they gave me a diagnosis that I did in fact have an eating disorder.

“I went in for 8 weeks then last summer.

“My point is that if I went through the public system I would probably still be in the thick of it now.”

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