Employers being advised to consult staff before planning return to workplace

Employers are being advised to consult with staff before planning a return to the workplace.

Today sees the gradual return of staff to offices, for those who had been working from home.

An initial return began last September, however, fresh advice from public health officials in November urged people to work from home again.

Trade unions and opposition parties are among those calling for office workers to be given the option to work remotely into the future.

Forsa spokesperson Bernard Harbor says there are many reasons why it’s unfair to expect staff to return to their desks in a rushed manner.

“A lot of people have genuine health concerns still, ranging from people who are immunocompromised to a wider anxiety towards Covid

“Most workers who have been working from home, have established arrangements for childcare, eldercare and other aspects of balancing work and family time.

“We need a phased return to the workplace that recognises and accommodates that.”

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