Garda Commissioner Says Allegations Made By Whistleblowers “disgusting”


Martin Callinan has told the Public Accounts Committee he thinks it is strange that only two gardaí have raised allegations of corruption in the penalty points system.

A retired garda is to give evidence at the Public Accounts Committee next week, while a serving garda sergeant is taking legal advice before deciding whether to attend.

Mr. Callinan told committee chairman John McGuinness that the serving sergeant is now supervised when using the garda electronic database.

“I have asked that he be supervised when he now access Pulse, and I’ve very good and valid reasons for doing that” he said.

“That doesn’t interfere with what he’s doing”.

“If he has a difficulty, if he’s investigating something locally and he needs to use the machine of course he’ll have access to it – on a supervised level” he added.

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