Healthcare workers deserve €15 an hour for work during the pandemic

A Wexford healthcare assistant says they should be thanked with real action when it comes to their wages.

Throughout the pandemic, healthcare assistants have been working extremely hard to keep our nursing homes and other facilities safe and are being forgotten about by many.

This man, only known as Ray, says they are putting themselves on the line for payment which is substandard.

Speaking to South East Radio, Ray says now is the time to show a commitment to healthcare workers.

“This thing about applauding people just doesn’t cut the mustard any more.

“Most people that are working in the private healthcare sector, they have to go and pay the two and a half thousand euro to get a QQI Level 5 to go into a job that’s only paying €10.50-€11 an hour starting off.

“I’m calling on all the government officials in Wexford and elsewhere to introduce a minimum rate of €15 an hour for anyone who’s working in the industry.”

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