Housing Minister Defends Cuts To Housing Grants


The Housing Minister is defending cuts to housing grants to the elderly and disabled, saying it will ensure the money goes to those who most need it.

Jan O’Sullivan says there is more money available for the housing adaptation grant, the housing aid and the mobility aid grant this year than in 2013.

Disability and elderly advocates say it targets the most vulnerable in society and force people out of their homes.

But Minister Jan O’Sullivan is denying that.

She says it allow more people to stay in their own homes.

“We actually have more money – we could have left it as it was – but the reason we’re doing it is to ensure that it goes to the most needy and that it goes to more people” she said.

“I stress again (that) there is more money available this year than there was last year; so the intention here entirely is to ensure that we do facilitate as many people as possible to stay in their own homes”.

“That’s what people want, that is the right thing to do and that is the purpose” she added.

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