Implications Of Garda Taping Allegations Felt In The Courts


This afternoon the Special Criminal Court heard evidence that phone calls were taped at Garda Headquarters and Harcourt Square in Dublin; and 23 divisional garda stations outside the capital.

And a lawyer for John Dundon is to seek a review of his conviction for murdering Limerick rugby player Shane Geoghegan – as a result of concerns over possible taping.

The question of whether calls were recorded has already been asked in a number of upcoming cases.

The President of the High Court has issued guidlines to judges – saying they should raise the issue at the start of criminal trials or as early as possible.

And yesterday the Special Criminal Court was adjourned over the issue.

Now, Criminal lawyers around the country are gearing up to deal with the ramifications that thousands of phone calls were secretly taped in garda stations across the country – possibly for decades.

Solicitor John Devane, wants a review of John Dundon’s conviction for murdering Limerick rugby player Shane Geoghegan, in light of the taping revelations.

30 year old Dundon from Hyde Road in Limerick, was sentenced to life in prison for organising the murder in November 2008.

Mr Devane says he’s seeking reviews of a number of rape and murder convictions.

It’s impossible to know yet how many cases will be affected, but the Taoiseach admitted earlier that Tribunals as well as court cases could be affected by fallout.

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