One in six drivers in Ireland have penalty points on their licence.

New official figures for 2016/17 have looked at life in rural Ireland from broadband to fertility and binge drinking.

The CSO looked at 70 indicators of how people live their lives across the country.

One in six drivers have penalty points – the rate is as high as 21 per cent in Wexford and Galway but just 13 per cent in Donegal and Louth.

Almost 60 per cent of people in Leitrim have broadband access, but Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown residents are much better connected on 86 per cent.

A quarter of people in the border region are at risk of poverty – it’s just 11 per cent in Dublin.

Women in Longford, Cavan and Waterford have the most babies – an average of 2 each – the fertility rate is lowest in the city areas of Dublin, Cork, Galway and Waterford.

Only 5 per cent of us use peat to heat our homes but that’s up at 37 per cent in Offaly and 26 per cent in Roscommon.

Dubliners are the biggest binge drinkers – nearly 90 per cent say they have more than six units of alcohol on a night out.

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