Leaving Cert students set to sit exams for the first time in two years

Leaving Cert students are set to sit traditional exams for the first time in two years, as part of the Government bid to address grade inflation.

Minister for Education Normal Foley will bring the proposal before Cabinet this morning, which sees a return of traditional exams but with greater choice on papers.

The Ombudsman for Children, opposition parties and sixth year students all called for a hybrid leaving cert to go ahead again this year, similar to the accredited grade systems in place 2020 and ’21.

Political Correspondent with the Irish Examiner Daniel McConnell says grade inflation and college places were major factors in the Government’s decision.

“What we know happened over the last two years is that colleges essentially provided additional places to allow more people to attend college

“That again is not sustainable in the long run and that is what ultimately the Taoiseach has addressed in recent days.

“The capacity to create an extra thousand places again, the capacity is not there.

“Therefore they’ve had to look at this again.”

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