LEO study finds remote workers want to start up their own businesses

30% of remote workers in the South East say the experience makes them want to develop their own business.

According to a study by Local Enterprise Offices and local authorities, over 1 in 3 who work from home in Wexford have saved more than 2 hours commuting time.

Many respondents have found that they found remote work suited their new lives and gave them an opportunity to spend more time with their families.

Maria Couchman from the LEO in Carlow says they’re ready and waiting to help the next entrepreneurs.

“If you do have an idea that’s at the back of your mind that you want to test and see if it’s valid in the market, each Local Enterprise Office has a business advisor who can help.

“They have a wealth of experience in supporting start up businesses and guiding people through that initial step into the space of whether or not to start up this business.”

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