Live-fire exercise by Russian navy expected to begin off Ireland today

A controversial live-fire exercise by the Russian navy is expected to begin off Ireland today.

However the exact location’s unknown, after Russia agreed to move it into international waters, following complaints by fishermen and the government.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Minister has written to Ireland demanding “clear answers” on its stance on European security arrangements.

Enniscorthy based Junior Minister at the Department of Justice James Brown – says Russia has a very clear agenda in every move it makes.

“I think Russia’s view on the world is this; they are a middle sized country versus the large European Union.

“If they can break up the European Union suddenly they are the biggest country in Europe and that’s what Putin is hoping to do

“We always have to look at it through that lense, whatever Russia are doing, whether it is positive or negative, their political leader is looking to cause disruption in our countries.”

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