Maternity units set to be fully compliant with visiting rules next week

Expectant couples across Wexford are still unable to be together during most pregnancy treatments at Wexford General Hospital

However the HSE’s Chief Clinical Officer has said all maternity units will be compliant with HSE guidelines on partners in the coming week.

Dr Colm Henry admitted there has been problems – particularly around infrastructure in some of the units.

He says the latest guidelines will be in place across the board within a week.

“The four criteria, the neonatal unit, the presence of partners during labour in the labour ward, the anomaly scan and visits to the post natal wards, all of our units are compliant with those.

“The further easing took place at the end of June saw the early pregnancy assessment units, routine visits for women with a high risk pregnancy and emergency presentations with late gestation, the great majority are compliant with those.

“We will ensure that all 19 units will be fully complaint in the coming week.”

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